Committee & Staff

**Due to current Government restrictions relating to COVID-19, Lonsdale Golf Club is closed until such time as restrictions are lifted. We hope to see you back supporting the golf club when we re-open. Course staff have been instructed to bar access to the property. We will post updates to our channels when they come to hand. Stay safe.

Our phones are not being monitored during this period. If you would like to contact the club, please email

Key Personnel

General Manager Josh Hall 03 5258 1955
Marketing Manager Allie Crosgrove 03 5258 1955
Finance Manager Carly Jehu 03 5258 1955
Administration Gaby Nemeth 03 5258 1955
Professional Sean Charleston      03 5258 1955

Executive Committee

President     John Christophersen  
Captain Graham Douglas  
Executive Committee Member (Vice President) Rob Hutchinson  
Executive Committee Member Andrew Kennedy  
Executive Committee Member Daelene Crigan  
Executive Committee Member David O’Connor  
Executive Committee Member Heather Perkins  
Executive Committee Member Bruce Armstrong  

Women’s Sub-Committee

Women’s President      Cheryl Holdsworth  
Women’s Captain  Sally Kennedy